Susie Pearce
€ 2,500

This painting is part of a series called ‘Transcendence’ which is based around the idea of rising up through layers of emotional consciousness to a place where all is calm, a place of acceptance and ultimately, a place of joy.

After a series of turbulent life experiences, Susie started to pour her emotions out onto the canvas. The physical act of painting itself, is representative of the processing of these difficult emotions. “Resilience” represents the tenacity and strength it has taken to ‘fight back’ from the lonely and dark place she found herself in, some years ago. It powerfully expresses a fighting spirit, that will not lay low and stay back. Much like the tidal energy of the sea, the unstoppable forces of the incoming tide.

At the top of the painting, where the sky is very dark, there is a sense of malevolence and pain. This gradually falls away as the sky lightens, downward strokes, dripping paint, the suggestion of faraway rain fall, indicates sorrow. Travelling down through the painting towards the horizon, is a sense of a stormy sea, a sea in turmoil. Confusion and chaos abound.  From here a sense of energy emerges. This energy translates into movement, a sense of pushing forward and through on to the bright red sands of the shore. This is where the purpose and the power live.

This painting is a very personal piece for Susie and is part of her story. It is an inspirational piece of art which anyone can relate to, it is about pushing through adversity and finding the inner strength that lies within all of us.

Acrylic on Canvas
101,5 x 127 cm
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Susie Pearce

Susie Pearce paints on 100% pure cotton canvas, which she expertly primes herself, using traditional methods and exceptional quality materials. The painting itself is built up of many layers of acrylic paint and acrylic texture mediums, until the final image emerges from the canvas. Once the painting is complete, Susie stretches the canvas herself, over a hand-made, wooden, gallery stretcher frame, ready to hang. Particularly large works may have to be transported and stretched onto frames, on site.  

Susie Pearce paints using market leading, highly engineered Winsor and Newton paints and mediums. Winsor and Newton have been making paints and materials for artists since 1832. The company was established in London, in the arts quarter, where eminent artists, such as Constable, had studios. The likes of JMW Turner, JS Lowry, Edvard Munch and Piet Mondrian are well known to have used Winsor and Newton paints. Susie chooses to use them not only because of their remarkable heritage, but also because their pigment strength is outstanding and today the paints are all light fast tested for hundreds of years, at museum conditions, in their state-of-the-art laboratories in London.

Susie also uses paints and acrylic mediums by Liquitex, established in Cincinnati, USA in 1933, the original creator of acrylic paints.  Liquitex paints undergo the same rigorous testing and exacting standards as Winsor and Newton. Both companies are owned by Colart and share the same testing and development laboratories in London.

If you buy a Susie Pearce original artwork, you can be certain that your painting will not fade, crack or peel over time. You are buying a piece of art that is guaranteed to stand the test of time, an heirloom for your family or organization. Susie has an excellent technical knowledge of acrylic paint, mediums and varnishes. She will expertly varnish your artwork for you, if you wish, so that it can be professionally cleaned for generations to come.

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