It's a novel cultural project which combines highly effective online promotion and exclusively tailored events destined to link outstanding artists and designers directly to the audiences capable of understanding, supporting and eventually purchasing their works. 
Starting with unique pop up art boutiques in the most amazing European locations and "on invitation only" events organised in collaboration with various partners of the project such as international yachting and automobile clubs and 5 stars resorts and hotels, we are currently working on creating our first flagship Controforma Space at the Amalfi coast, Italy.  Controforma will not be just a brand new gallery ideal for hosting personal exhibitions of the participants of the project and members of Controforma community, but it will also become an amazing location for inviting our special guests (artists, designers, curators, collectors etc) and creating with them some stunning content, holding master classes, lectures and interviews, all in the relaxed and glamorous atmosphere of this Mediterranean paradise. 

Actually, Controforma will not be just another fine arts gallery, but a real Space for self expression, growth, mutual support and building new connections. 

A Space destined to prioritize creativity, talent and personality. A Space designed to help selected artists finding their way to appropriate audiences and be valued and appreciated as they definitely deserve it. 

The Team of Controforma strongly believes that in these turbulent and uncertain times artists are one of the most vulnerable parts of the society. That's why we decided to use all our international marketing, management and networking experience for strengthen unique artists' personal brands through brilliant omni channels campaigns with the aim of presenting their art to the "right" target in the "right" way. Personalised approach to every artist and the highest level of every online and off line activity are the most important principles of our work.